Best Way to Build FIFA 20 Counter Attacks

FIFA 20 allows to you build counter attacks much more effectively than on previous versions of the game, especially with the inclusion of dynamic tactics. The pace is needed here to mix in with sharp, quick tempo passing to the front. Teams that try to play counter-attacking football will struggle if they don’t have, at the very least, 4-5 players with pace in their squad. Ideally, though, a full team will have plenty of speed in all areas. Although this is a somewhat risky strategy, the rewards can be tremendous and extremely frustrating for your opponent. The key here is not to try and win the ball too high up the pitch and when you own the ball, play deep and invite the opposition onto you to try and win the ball back in your final third.  Are you currently tired of cutting valuable hours? Are you nevertheless gather cowhides to gather some FIFA 20 Coins? Don waste your time and have entertaining now! Get FIFA Coins now at! This really is a quick, affordable and secure spot to buy Coins. The Currencies we’re promoting is safe, and your account will not be banned for real-world trading.

See the diagram below.

The diagram shows the types of passing angles you’ll have available to you and the types of passes you need to be playing to invite the opposition onto you. As mentioned previously, this brings a particular risk with it, but if you can then spring into the attack after several short passes you’ll be counter-attacking and have a real chance to create a goal-scoring opportunity.
If you don’t have the ball, you ideally want your opposition to make it to within 30 yards of your goal and have 6 or 7 men committed to the attack at least. This then leaves you with two on 3 or 3 on three dependent on which formation you are using. Once you win the ball, an accurate pass is needed to the front men, and then you can use the pace and 1-2 passing to hit them on the counter. Using the lobbed passing skill game will help you perfect those 40 yard long gives to the front men, so practice these if you intend on playing this style of football. See the next section for a section on this pass correctly.

TIP – The AI players that you’ll face, whether it be on Career Mode, Pro Clubs, or the ones that aren’t being controlled on FUT, are far more intelligent now. You’ll need to be precise, and patient if you want to build up a counter attack opportunity. Play one or two-touch football to create this opportunity for yourself.