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How Do You Farm Souls Early in DS3?

rsmoneysell 8 months ago
How Do You Farm Souls Early in DS3?

Dark Souls 3 has powerful bosses and challenging gameplay, which attracts a large number of players. The main currency in this game is DS3 Souls, which is used for upgrades, buying props, and upgrading equipment. For newcomers and returning players, accumulating souls can be daunting, especially in the early stages. This article will explore effective strategies to farm souls early in DS3.

High Wall of Lothric

One of the first areas you’ll encounter, the High Wall of Lothric, is a great place to start your soul-farming journey.


  • Clear out the enemies on the High Wall, especially the fire-breathing dragon that can eliminate multiple foes with its flames.
  • Utilize the bonfire to reset the area and repeat the process.

Utilize the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

This ring increases the number of souls you earn from defeated enemies.


  • Acquire the ring as soon as possible.
  • Equip it during your farming sessions to maximize soul collection.

Co-op Play

Helping other players by being summoned into their world can be a lucrative way to earn souls.


  • Place your summon sign near a bonfire or boss entrance.
  • Assist the host player in clearing areas or defeating bosses. You’ll earn a percentage of the souls they collect.

Defeat the Crystal Sage

Located on the Road of Sacrifices, the Crystal Sage drops many souls upon defeat.


  • Engage the boss and watch out for its crystal magic attacks.
  • Use fast weapons and stay aggressive to defeat the sage and claim your souls.

Farm the Winged Knights

Found atop the High Wall of Lothric, these knights drop many souls.


  • Engage them one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Backstabbing is effective, as is luring them to a more open area for easier dodging.

Use Soul-boosting Gear

Certain items, like the Shield of Want and the Symbol of Avarice, boost the number of souls you collect.


  • Acquire and equip these items during your farming sessions.
  • Combine them with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring for maximum effect.

Revisit Boss Battles

Using the Boss Soul Transposition, you can revisit and defeat bosses, earning souls each time.


  • Engage in boss battles you’re comfortable with and have a strategy for.
  • Each victory will net you a substantial number of souls.

Farming souls early in DS3 requires strategy, patience, and skill. By leveraging the game’s mechanics, engaging in co-op play, and revisiting areas with high soul yields, you can accumulate many souls to give you an edge in your journey.

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