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Diablo 4: Master the Immortal Necromancer Build!

rsmoneysell 6 months ago

Diablo 4 brings thrilling challenges by introducing Blood Forges in the Abire of Zia event. Players need a build that balances survivability with substantial DPS to conquer these formidable levels. This guide delves into creating an ‘Immortal Necromancer’ build, ideal for tackling these intense encounters.

Core Concept of the Immortal Necromancer Build

The Immortal Necromancer build is designed to efficiently clear tier 100s and beyond, offering a blend of resilience and offensive prowess. The key lies in maintaining high survivability while delivering enough damage to clear mobs and defeat bosses.

Unique Item: Melted Hearts of Celik

The ‘Melted Hearts of Celik is central to this build,’ a unique item providing significant damage reduction and mitigation. It converts damage taken into a drain on your Essence rather than health, ensuring a strong defensive stance.

Skill Tree Strategy

  1. Basic Skills: Start with ‘Reap’ for basic attacks and ‘Acoy Reap’ for might generation.
  2. Corpse Skills: Invest in ‘Corpse Explosion’ and ‘Blood Mist’ for maximum damage and cooldown reduction.
  3. Defensive Skills: ‘Grim Harvest’ and ‘Fuel by Death’ boost damage post-corpse consumption.
  4. Ultimate Skills: Focus on ‘Bone Storm’ and key passives like ‘Shadow Blind.’

Vampiric Powers and Paragon Board

  • Combine Meta and Prey on the Weak for unstoppable effects and enhanced vampiric curses.
  • Utilize ‘Flowing Veins’ for damage over time and ‘Domination’ for increased damage to CC targets.
  • The Paragon Board should emphasize damage reduction, shadow damage, and intelligence.

Gear Strategy

  1. Amulet and Rings: Prioritize items that enhance corpse skills and shadow damage.
  2. Armor: Seek high armor values for physical damage reduction.
  3. Weapons: Choose ones that boost critical strike chance and shadow damage.
  4. Alternatives for Non-Uber Users: If lacking ‘Melted Hearts of Celik,’ consider other D4 items for sale offering similar defensive capabilities.

Affixes and Gem Selection

  • Focus on Health, Armor, and Lucky Hit affixes.
  • Rubies are recommended for health, with a shift towards Critical Strike damage against vulnerable enemies.

Balancing Damage and Defense

The build can be adjusted for more defensive or offensive needs. For more demanding challenges, enhance damage reduction; for faster clearing, increase DPS. The adaptability of this build makes it a formidable choice in Blood Forges.


The Immortal Necromancer build is a robust choice for Diablo 4’s Blood Forges, offering an impressive balance of durability and damage. While the Melted Hearts of Celik plays a pivotal role, alternative strategies are available for those without this unique item. As the event unfolds, further adaptations and optimizations can be expected.