POE 3.9 Ascendant Popular Build – Ball Lightning Guide

This build is very best in POE 3.9 league. This build can clear maps fast, deal with insane damage, and is tanky. Overall, this build is robust, and I can recommend it to anyone who has some Poe currency (like ten POE Exalted Orbs). It would be best if you had Watcher’s Eye with an “ES on hit” mod for this build. The other Zealotry mod “increased critical strike chance against enemies on the consecrated ground” is optional, but it gives you a huge DPS boost. This kind of WE was fairly cheap (2-4 ex) before I wrote this guide, but now it’s much more expensive. More POE Builds.

+ Great clear speed
+ Great single target damage
+ Tanky
+ Smooth playstyle
+ Great sustain
+ All map mods possible
– Not league starter friendly


1. Shadow Ascendancy
2. Path of the Shadow
3.Ranger Ascendancy

BANDITS: Help Alira.

Major God – Soul of Lunaris
Minor God – Soul of Abberath


Weapon: Ball Lightning – Trap and Mine Damage – Minefield – Charged Mines – Lightning Penetration – Slower Projectiles
BodyArmour: Animate Guardian – Meat Shield – Minion Life – Minion Speed – Fortify – Elemental Army
Boots: Immortal Call – Arcane Surge – Increased Duration – Steelskin
Gloves: Portal – Faster Casting – Convocation – Flame Dash
Helm: Vaal Righteous Fire – Increased Duration – Clarity – Precision

POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/XKnR9VNX
SKILL TREE: https://tinyurl.com/t52r6hx