Budget Frostbolt League Starter Build In PoE

I’ve written a small guide for a Frostbolt league starter build. It’s really cheap to get rolling and works well as a currency farmer. I started with it last league and it worked out really nicely so I’m going to use it again. Guide updated for 3.2. The build received a buff in 3.2, we can now get elemental ailment immunity from our ascendancy.

1. Leveling poe items:

2 x Lifesprig, switch one Lifesprig for Tulborn at level 24. You can roll with a Lifesprig and a Tulborn all the way to 68 when you can equip your Pledge of Hands. Wanderlust boots, if you want you can switch these out for Shavronne’s Pace at level 32 for more movement speed while on full life.

Path of Exile

2. Bandits:

The best option is to help Alira for the mana regen and crit multi, extra resists are also really nice and help you get your resistances maxed more easily.

3. Tree:

We want to rush to the jewel sockets as fast as possible for the threshold jewels, 2x Frozen Trail. I like to use the dex node for convenience, it’s by no means mandatory later on if you can get the needed dex from your gear. Personally I won’t go MoM until late in the game but it’s completely up to you, you can get MoM as soon as you can sustain your mana decently.

4. Gems:

Frostbolt – Added Cold Damage – Controlled Destruction – Hypothermia – Increased Critical Strikes – Cold penetration or Ice Bite; Lightning Warp – Faster Casting – Less Duration – Swift Affliction; Warlord’s Mark – Blasphemy; Note that when you switch to MoM you should also switch to an Orb of Storms Curse on Hit setup instead. Orb of Storms – Power Charge on Critical – Curse on Hit – Warlord’s Mark; Cast When Damage Taken – Immortal Call.

5. Uniques:

Our weapon of choice is Pledge of Hands for the extra link and massive mana boost that will compliment MoM later on. Taryn’s Shiver is also a nice option if you’re not going MoM and don’t need the mana boost. Snakepit is a big damage boost and gives us an extra projectile. Currently a decently rolled one costs around 5c.

6. Rare gear:

The most important stats are life and resists, everything else comes third. Try to get some crit chance/crit multi/cold damage/cast speed on your jewellery if you can. For boots it’s movement speed>life>resists so try to get at least 20-25% movement speed on your boots.

7. Flasks:

We want a Quicksilver flask, a Diamond flask, a life flask (or two) and the rest is up to you. There’s a lot of wiggle room here for personal preferences. For example Atziri’s Promise is a nice choice for a damage boost.

There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy currency, you will get more gains.