ArcheAge Closed Beta Event 3: Blood and Bounty

ArcheAge Closed Beta Event 3: Blood and Bounty will be released on August 14, and it is said that with this update, ArcheAge is going to get even bigger with over double the number of invites randomly sent to those who signed up on the official ArcheAge website, it means that the pressure test is near as well as the official launch of ArcheAge.

We still don’t know much about the event 3, but simply from its name, we can tell that the fight is now begin. We need to be prepared and armed to face with the challenge. And we will be rewarded greatly if we can have great performance there.

Let’s review something about ArcheAge Closed Beta Event 2: Setting Sail is three times larger than the first event A Brighter Age. And you must love this update since last Wednesday. The Closed Beta Event 2 is actually a big success among players, and the ArcheAge’s integration with Trion Worlds has been tested. We have found you a cute and interesting video from youtube, it is made by an experienced player, you can subscribe him if you like.

We still don’t know much about CBE3, but from the last two update, we have confidence in ArcheAge Team, let’s wait and see what will come to us indeed with patience and curious. Also remember that we ARCHEAGE-STORE will offer you all the needed support in your game explorations, come to us to enjoy latest ArcheAge news and cheap Archeage Gold, you will be prepared well for the coming update 3.