It appears that Ebenezer Scrooge has gone a bit far this time

It appears that Ebenezer Scrooge has gone a bit far this time. Not only has he ruined kids’ dreams of Christmas by being a typical old grump, he has also broken the heart of the Snow Queen, stolen Santa (as if he ever does anything besides get fat) and thrown him in a Santa-sized cage, and, on top of that, he’s stolen all of the food from the Snow Queen’s Christmas party. All, that is, except for Ceramic Vase’s precious wine, which never seems to run out no matter how many swigs he takes. RuneScape 2007 GoldJagex manages to escape my Holiday-Event-Criticism by simply not giving me anything new to criticize. The event itself is small as they come, and the rewards are as normal as they make ’em, though the story is kinda cool, no pun intended. Yeah, you saw what I did there.

Simply enough, you enter a cupboard, not unlike the wardrobe leading to Narnia, and find a dining room swarming with people. And by people, I mean about six NPCs and a thousand players, accompanied by a thousand lovely blue imps. Traveling to the fountain will find you Barry, the snow imp from last year. You’ll then go through a gate, leading to Scrooge’s house. RS 2007 Gold. Scrooge, apparently, is a wizard who wants to get some sleep and has decided that the best way to do this was to capture about a thousand pounds of lard and throw it in a cage.

Your imp will suggest that you dress up as a ghost and try to fool the old geezer into regretting everything that he’s ever done. As Christmas’ Past, you’ll try to guilt him about leaving the Snow Queen heartbroken. As a youngster, Scrooge was quite the ladies’ man, catching the eye of miz Snow and then leaving her as soon as he got there. Fifty years ago.