People will always play the 2007 servers

If Jagex were to open the 07 game servers as a free service I can see the game continuing to thrive on for years, however the payment seems to be taking it’s toll on older players who aren’t so willing to fork it out monthly for a redundant and highly outdated but still fun game, it’s in Jagex’s hands, and I am sure they will be able to see the decline in numbers active as the year continues, until then it’s only looking grim.

They won’t die, simple. People will always play the ’07 servers, and JaGeX won’t be getting rid of them either. They put something out there based on a vote, there will always be dedicated ’07 server players, if they took ’07 away, that’s when they’d lose players, and money. RS 2007 GoldI also believe that they will release some sort of free version as well, the member thing is only temporary, in my opinion. ’07 won’t die, it will always be around and there will always be hundreds of players on it.

Until the PK community abandon the game entirely. RuneScape Gold. I think the game can last a while because of the popularity of the service. I see a huge problem though, the game cannot get new players who never played Runescape before, all they will do is support RuneScape 3.