As for the second to last elemental – make sure you’ve brute forced it

When you reset the #1 Elemental, you are just re-coordinating it with #4 so that they bounce off their respective near walls at the same time.

As for the second to last elemental – make sure you’ve brute forced it.

I trained from 80-81 thieving a little bit ago and as I was setting up the garden, I found out that setting it up was hard for some odd reason. Once I set it up, I noted that you start your run through the garden every fourth patrol-cycle the #4 Elemental completes. What I was doing wrong was that since I was brute-forcing the maze, I was getting kicked out early, and thusly I would begin my next brute-force run on the #4’s first, second, or third patrol-cycle instead of the fourth cycle that I was brute-forcing. Thus, it is important to wait for that fourth cycle before running through the maze to brute force it. Oddly enough I didn’t encounter this problem while I used the garden earlier and when I wrote this guide. I’ll add in a little section/tip to the brute-forcing section of the guide in a little.Runescape 2007 Gold.

In case you didn’t understand any of the following, here is a definition and a clarification of what I mean.

Patrol-Cycle: An elemental begins its patrol-cycle when it bounces off of its near wall. It’s cycle ends and begins anew when it bounces off the near wall again.
(So, for the #4 elemental, a patrol-cycle would mean it would complete its figure-eight pattern.)

What I mean by running through every third cycle is this: 1, 4, 7, 10, etc. You start running once the #4 Elemental bounces. It has just begun cycling, so this is its first cycle. While you run through the maze, if you successfully one-click, it will complete a second and third cycle and begin a third one once you are teleported out. When you are back in the maze, you will begin your run on the fourth cycle.

If you still can’t get it down, feel free to add me ingame. My PM is always on, and I usually have enough free time that I can come observe your setup and point out what you are doing wrong. RS 2007 Gold.

Also, in terms of rest – I’ve been testing it out a bit more frequently now that I found out about this third cycle factor. At 80 agility, I can skip one run and recover to 100% energy from an energy below what I need (~19%) to run through the maze. I will add this section as a viable method to the guide as soon as I get some mathematics done and calculate different values for different agility levels. I have found out that there are 65 (ironically) steps from the Gate to the Tree, and from the Gate to the Gate there are 80 steps. So, you can approximately complete one run in 40 ticks, minus the ticks involved in teleportation and opening the door. You should add about 5 seconds worth of ticks to that to obtain how long one full run from [Start Running] to [Start Running] is. However, with the third-cycle knowledge in hand, you could just calculate how many ticks it takes to for the #4 Elemental to complete 4 cycles.