Is There Any Build Issues With PoE Bestiary League?

In Path of Exile, I think that bestiary league have some build issues, its mechanics are prohibitive to a massive number of builds. Many players may have the same problems.

First off, now that you are given three seconds to kill the mob from the time you throw the net, tanky builds are much worse off than dps builds. DPS can just throw the net when the mob is full health, then explode them. Tanks have to whittle them down, deal with all the adds they spawn, and make sure they time their net perfectly. It’s a pain and caters to the clearspeed meta champs greatly.

Path of Exile

But there are builds that have it far worse than just being slow. I myself have had frustrations with two, and I’ve only made three characters (the third of which was a tank – I’m not having much luck). My own issues have been totems and spectres.

Spectres in particular are horrible for capturing beasts. They one-shot anything that isn’t a legendary beast before you can even identify it to throw your net.

Then, when you do encounter a legendary beast, you get it to about half, throw your net and your spectres bugger off and go attack something else just long enough for the legendary beast to enrage. Then, of course, they kill it before you can throw another net.

Totems are the same way, they focus down the beast perfectly until you throw the net, then they lose focus and you lose the beast. Obviously it’s nothing nefarious, just bad luck, but it’s frustrating and frequent.

Slayers had it worst before the changes. Beasts would break out in 0.2 seconds unless they were at about 5% life, and Slayers cull them at 20%. There were mechanics in this league that just clearly weren’t thought out well. Sure the fixes are coming in, but it didn’t feel good when your lovingly crafted build was shafted by the league mechanics.