NBA 2K18: MyCareer Lets You Compete Against Other Players

This year’s NBA 2K18, regardless of graphics or soundtrack, even different modes, almost all are incredible and spectacular. Basketball is a way of life, NBA 2K18 is a hardcore sports simulation, at the same time, the game is also an amazingly well-crafted experience. Hence, if you want to get good, you have to put in the work.

NBA 2K18

MyCareer has a fairly typical rags-to-riches story, with you guiding your player from unknown rookie to much-hyped superstar. When you aren’t playing, you’re in the Neighborhood, a new addition that lets you wander around a few city blocks, playing games, practicing, buying clothes and shoes, and more.

MyCareer lets you compete against other players in what was known in previous NBA 2K games as MyPark, a game of pick-up streetball now found in the MyCareer The Neighborhood. They serve as fun ways to hone your skills, take some pressure off, and advance your experience and VC earnings. You build up VC by playing games in MyCareer, which is standard 2K fare.

MyTeam is a card-trading fantasy league where you build a team by unlocking cards with players, boosts, playbooks, and uniforms. It’s still the same solid NBA 2K18 basketball on the court, with the added twist of deck building. It’s also place to spend real-world money, if you so desire. For more information on MyTeam, interested players are invited to view more.

Needless to say, the 2K series’s attention to detail has always been incredible, and this year is the best yet. Using the default camera, it’s almost hard to discern between the game and an actual NBA broadcast. So, NBA 2K18 looks and feels like a real-life professional basketball game. You feel like the ball is completely in your control. Buying NBA 2K18 MT and enjoy this excited gameplay.

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