Poster exposure “Revelation Online” 3D animation launched at the end

Recently, the “day encyclical” to the players brought a wave of Mengliao, in addition to the first career information film “industry video cycle” to bring a lot of content, the official also announced the official launch of the game will be launched at the end of the year. It is reported that in the “Revelation Online” 3D animation, a small Luo, Xuanji, Xin Yue and other familiar roles, will be fully debut.

At present, the official has released animation posters, the role of the show is in the game, to accompany everyone along the way important NPC small Luo. Figure small Luo hand held a pair of guns put on a classic shape, its fire-like red hair is clearly visible, the level of the model is raspberry, and small Luo that self-confident expression, but also in the game sunny cheerful He is no different, the general nerve of some big, at the crucial moment is very reliable young blood, this will finally be in the animation to show their fist, to show him as the angry side of the angry fire.

It is reported that “Revelation Online” animation by the game production team, and Hangzhou mystery technology co-launched. While the latter is the outstanding domestic 3D animation “Qin Shiming month,” the production side, the two co-operation launched “Revelation Online” animation, can be described as strong combination. In the animation story, before the official Prometheus plan has been collected from a large number of players created for the boutique, I believe that in addition to restore the game content, we will see more by the players themselves Of the special content.

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