FIFA 15: Who will win the duel

Dani Alves, Munir, Messi and Neymar versus Piqué, Rakitic, Jordi Alba and Bartra. This was the matchup for the new FIFA15. EASports brought eight Bar?a players together a few days ago to take part in a four-on-four match that was fun and entertaining, as well as highly competitive.


The eight players went to La Masia to test out the game, with some players taking it more seriously than others. Piqué, Rakitic, Alba and Bartra dominated the first half, going up by 3-0. It looked all but over. But the Alves, Munir, Messi and Neymar team staged a comeback, based largely on the skill of Messi and Neymar, to even the score.

The duel went to overtime. Tension gave way to elation as Alves, Munir, Messi and Neymar completed the comeback to take the clash from Piqué, Rakitic, Alba and Bartra. The players then received a small fifa coins for taking part and had their pictures taken with the EA Sports trophy.