Paul McCartney For The Destiny Of Creation Of New Songs: “Hope for the Future”


Paul McCartney Recorded a Song for ‘Destiny’ Video Game to Impress Grandkids.

December 17 2014, 10:05 AM ET
The legendary Paul McCartney stopped by the Daily Show on Tuesday to talk about the decent (if super cheesy,) song he wrote for the new video game, Destiny. is just this kind of store, which provide Destiny Power leveling product to make you upgrade lv32 fast and easily. The pair talked about “Hope For the Future,” and why it made sense for the former Beatle to write a song for the game, given the blockbuster nature of the industry today.
McCartney, however, said he was a terrible gamer, because as he explained to the host, “they’re shooting at me, Jon!” Stewart knew the feeling well, noting that it’s really all about trying to make your kids and grandkids think you’re cool. His kids, for instance, wish their dad could do a show more like Ellen. McCartney, jokingly agreed. Watch the interview above.