This difficult stage in order to quickly find the master of runescape gold


Famous martial arts online game Runescape gold is with its rich content, the perfect picture, brilliant skills, has been attracting a large number of players. Even many admiring martial arts enthusiasts, have joined this joyful and peaceful world of martial arts to begin the tour of the rivers and lakes. Thanksgiving this year, in Yulgang world, up and thank the man to lead us, accompany us through the beginning of the day mentor!b7eafff4c4038e64c7d12e5652eb34ed This difficult stage in order to quickly find the master of runescape gold

From just the first step into the martial arts, you will face many frustrations and challenges. Through this difficult stage in order to quickly find the master of a martial guise is your best choice in RS Gold. Mentoring system to facilitate the upgrade difficult problem of the new players, old players can benefit. Such a mutual benefit a good thing, only you can Yulgang experience.You can find a same occupation and have 2 turn the master to study with a teacher, as a master party must be in the 2 to can receive apprentice may be charged up to three disciples, mentoring two people must be the same occupation or they will not be able to coach. As apprentice party must be in a turn only after apprentice and mentoring between grade must be a difference of 20 can be married mentoring.

Has become a mentoring relationship, the apprentice 2 to be sure, and master the same martial art, such as the Master decent apprentice naturally have to choose decent or mentoring relationship will be automatically removed. When the coach after the success of “Yulgang” mentoring system designed for mentoring a variety of incentives. Apprentice by the contribution upgrade tasks “to enhance the contribution of mentoring.The more the higher the contribution, the martial arts master can teach to apprentice apprentice Master taught martial arts will be higher damage output. At the same time upgrade the apprentice master can also get additional experience reward. The reward experience the value of the number of different gap between apprentice and master’s level, the smaller the level difference the Master gained more experience. It can be said mutually beneficial mentoring is with growth strong RS Gold.