Things To Do With a New RuneScape Membership?


the best thing to do when you start membership in runescape is to start doing a lot of quests, use Rune HQ ( to help with the quests, you can also use the site to find the easiest quests with the lowest requirements, etc. the quest rewards only get better and better, the exp rewards are also insane in some cases…some quests are VERY interesting and you’ll want to go through it again just for the thrill and or fun.en_106413540 Things To Do With a New RuneScape Membership?

Anyway, you’ll probably want at least somewhere between 15-50k to start those member quests, lots of item requirements.the best member skill to start out with is…ok well no matter what you do, DONT DO CONSTRUCTION, its extremely money consuming and time consuming.theiving is really easy and fun, but takes time. hunter, i’ve got my hunter to 50 in 2 days, if you know what to do or if you use a guide its very fast lvling, good for your total lvl.
one quest I highly recommend is “Fremmenik Trials”.Its a VERY VERY long quest but the reward is incredible, it lets you where skeletal armor, fremmy robes, and MANY other sets of armor, the reward rocks, check runehq to find the exact reward.
OH AND YOU MUST DO “LOST CITY” quest,extremely extremely easy, there is a monster over lvl 100 you fight, but that lvl is just to scare you, it fights at the skills of a lvl 30 monster, it really is easy, at the end of that you can use dragon long sword and dragon dagger, and you get to go to a VERY cool place, in fact, the coolest place i’ve seen in the whole game.
ONE MORE THING,Agility is really really easy also, to start it out (lvl1) go to the gnome stronghold, its a long walk, use the map(trust me) but once you get there its worth the long walk.
there is an agility arena in the gnome stronghold.also, if u walk straight into the gnome stronghold’s long path and enter the HUGE tree, you can explore the other floors of the tree and buy 5+ different color of robes, boots, and gloves! this place rocks!