Tears tracker reset daily runescape bug

My tears X5…. tracker did not reset today. When I woke up and logged in to do Lumby battle, I noticed the tracker had not done it’s daily reset. It was still on the x2 from the previous evening log out. Collecting the tears at this rate is far to slow to start my daily 3k collecting starting at x2 on a new day. I’m not sure if its a bug or due to the fact of losing connection and staying logged out before having a chance to deposit my tears for that day. I figured it would reset and I could just deposit my tears and have x5 collection at new day resets. I hope my report is in the right thread and makes sense.

I think i have the solution, let me guess you did not deposit your tears that you have collected before? It seems that the cap and multiplier does not reset if you do not deposit the tears you have previously collected other than that if it’s something else sorry can’t help you, if so submit a bug report.

TY Yes, I couldn’t deposit due to black screen and I was tired so just went to bed. I do believe that is correct. When you log out with Tears in invent I am guessing the tracker won’t resent until invent is tear free. Thanks again for your reply. I hope it resets tomorrow. I will let you know. All tears are deposited now.