Runescpae update miscellenia

I’ll admit, owning an island kingdom has it’s benefits. And I can proudly wear the crown upon my head. But I feel it’s a bit…. outdated. I think it should be similar, but not the same to, Runescape Gold player owned houses. Similar in the way of adding certain things, such as a throne. Also, I can’t help but notice that adviser Ghrim doesn’t have a room…. Does he sleep on the floor or something? The island itself needs a graphical update. Also, maybe I don’t want 60% of my kingdom living underground? With a few changes to maple tree locations, the island could actually have houses!

It could even be optional where you want most of your people to live! The caves where people live only have 2 access points, neither wide enough to be noticed. Plus, a second god war just broke out! I may need to lock people in a dungeon that could be an optional add-on! Also, it would be cool to be able to pay to have your dock link with others. For example, having a ship from port sarim take you there. Or maybe Port Phasmatys. Or possibly your player-owned port!

Post your support (Or lack thereof) below. But please respect opinions.
EDIT: Also, will the player ever actually get married to the princess/prince of miscellenia? Or will they stay engaged for all time?