Runescape random client crashes

The past few days the client has been crashing for no apparent reason. Once I was running through Edgeville, another was during Warbands (that better not happen again, lucky I didn’t die), and just now when I dug into a Barrows crypt. The same one I’ve dug into around 20 other times today with no trouble.

Can you fix the client before adding other crap? Thanks. :

Edit: And fix the damn music and sound while you’re at it. It works for a little bit and then randomly everything mutes. I try resetting the sound volumes in my options but there’s still no music or sound. And when it is working it’s sometimes laggy. The only way to fix it is to refresh my client, and then still it will break after 20 minutes.

I’ve used these same settings since HD came out, and never any crashes until they started messing with HTML 5.