RS Pyramid Plunder of Guide

For fastest access to the Pyramid, use the Pharaoh’s Sceptre to avoid searching for the Mummy. Then open just the golden chests in the middle until you reach the highest room you can access. Loot all of the Urns in this room, ignoring the poison until you are done, and then tele back to start with the Sceptre.


For starters, do not attempt this minigame without having completed Contact!, unless you have a Pharaoh’s Sceptre and are banking in Edge/CW with a jewelry teleport, which is not a bad idea either way. One way or another, make your way to Nardah equipped(runescape gold) with light armor and weight reducing gear. You will want one to two hundred Hp worth of food and possibly something to counter poison. We prefer using a Holy symbol and the Prayer book from the Great Brain Robbery, but you may prefer Anti pots or Lunar Mage.

When needed, bank at CW and recharge your prayer at the alter in Sophamen. If you have done Dealing with Scabaras and ran his little errand after the quest, Simon Templeton will buy noted artifacts up to stone from you. This makes it well worth the Duel ring charge to bank and save them for later. He will not buy noted gold items(runescape gold), so use the gold seals to recharge your Sceptre and cart the others there the long way, with a BoB. No need to drop 1K items on the ground.