Revert mining jujus

Instead of banking, they now boost xp by 10% and occasionally smelt ores giving smithing xp when a spirit appears.

Woodcutting jujus still bank the logs normally.

INSTEAD of changing the potion, a new potion should have been made.
(Or nothing at all)


Its made from ARGWAY (one of the least used herbs in herblore habitat) and PUNGENT VINES (from Carrion Jadinkos).

This potion would have the same effect as the current juju mining potions.

Divination Signs
The new divination items only bank up to 30 items per item.
Jujus easily banked more than that per DOSE let alone a entire vial/flask.

Advantages of new potion:
– Increases XP per hour and gives extra smithing xp
Disadvantages of new potion:
– Requires more dropping/banking to use.
– Eliminates all profit per hour if powermining.
– Reduces profit per hour if mining for cash, since signs are less effective than mining jujus. (Potions easily bank over 30 ores per inventory space).Even with juju banking effects, the new items would still be useful.

Juju mining only works with ores and doesnt bank all mined ores due to being a chance based item.

The new divination items bank a higher variety of items with 100% rate, which is useful for things that take longer to obtain such as white berries, unicorn horns and dragonhide.