Mobile Game of Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul current Mobile is one of the blockbuster mobile game so gamers attention with beautiful images and interesting combat mechanisms.

As everyone knows, Blade and Soul Mobile currently is one of the blockbuster mobile game so gamers attention, both in Vietnam and in the world. Game card game version 2 big special Tencent Games NCSoft and development cooperation based on the famous online game Blade & Soul.Mobile game also need blade & soul gold which is a important factor in the game.

Currently the Chinese version of Blade & Soul Mobile has officially opened for the Android platform and will launch the operating system iOS devices from Apple in the next short period of time, namely the day 10/3.

The following is a detailed assessment of this game:

Great visual art

Blade and Soul Mobile is based on the elements and characters of the original Blade and Soul, and the design team have done a very good job of this. Each card in the game was created by a team of up to 51 people easterly from 3 countries China, Japan and Korea. After 210 edits, consider the complete version is outputting 1080p full HD format, 512 color schemes, each card must pass strict inspection.

The main interface of the game is extremely simple, fresh and clean, very easy on the eyes. We may have been a ‘guide’ lovely lovely infinity will introduce the features of the game you start participating.

Extremely user-friendly design helps gamers easily identify opponents are his skills against. You stand in front of his post and will be deciding who starts the attack, one defense, one that spells something … The fighting effects also really impressed the players.

Friendly fun storyline with the subject to find true love

Basically, the plot of Blade and Soul Mobile different from the original version, we can find many facts, hilarious dialogue much: our protagonist is on a journey to find love his life in the real world of Blade and Soul.

When you start playing, there are more characters to choose from including Miko, Jasmine and Sophia. Players simply have to choose the one you see … the loveliest only. The characters are not just decorative sense, players can fully give gifts to them and they will surprise you with absolutely commensurate with what you give away.

Quick Time Event mechanism combines tokens makes fights very happy

Basically, the gameplay of Blade and Soul Mobile is based on simple rules of the game cards, players will choose 5 cards with 3 front and 2 rear. To win, we need to kill all of the opponents cards before they could do so. Combined with mechanisms that Quick Time Event (QTE) to do special moves, creates its own excitement.

The location is 1 to 5 is the basis for your post attack and was unscathed. The simplest example is cell No. 1, standing in the middle and was the first major blow as well as the entire attack inspiration often from rivals. Number 1, 2, 3 in the front, usually the characters take damage, 4, 5 in the rear with magical abilities, buffs blood.

All the cards in the game are distributed in 7 class includes: Athletes, Rights Division, Swordsman, Assassin, Qigong Master, Master Zhao Swap and Trade Prime and each card has 4 combat skills to cover including active and passive. NSX game to ensure that does not have any effect which is identical skill card.

Collection of interesting images

When Blade and Soul Mobile game, gamers will be collected to 219 cards extremely hot hot girl and cute, some bosses are also original version … transgender in this version. The photos are gorgeous art work put into the game and can be downloaded easily, gamers can fully use them to watch or do such phone wallpaper.

Experience the exciting hunt bosses on each floor

The PvE content is the main part of the experience of Blade and Soul Mobile, gamers will take the story and after reaching a certain level will be unlocked to go up higher section. The more powerful enemies that are arranged in each floor available, gamers will have to beat around 2-3 laps in a story, of course, there are terrible bosses appear very impressive.


Blade and Soul Mobile clearly created a new effect for familiar names with new gameplay features, entirely unaffected from Blade and Soul nothing, except for the character. This is one of those rare products NCSoft gives players. Obviously, the game the fans of Blade and Soul or online games in general will not be missed is extremely exciting game.For more information about gear, please go to