How to Transfer Money on “RuneScape” After the Trade Limit

In 2007, the multiplayer online role-playing game “RuneScape” changed the rules of trading money and items. This change was implemented to protect players from making unfair trades. Your trade limit is calculated according to many factors, including whether you are a member or non-member, the amount of quest points you possess, and whether the opposing player you are trading is your friend. The trade limit is reset every 15 minutes, allowing players to continuously make unbalanced trades. Although this is more difficult than before the trade limit change, you can still trade large sums of money over time.

RuneScape--300x225 How to Transfer Money on "RuneScape" After the Trade Limit
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Determine your trade limit and the limit of the opposing player by right-clicking the player and selecting “Trade With.” The amount you can trade with the opposing player is listed on the bottom of the trade window. The maximum trade limit is 5,000 for non-members and 60,000 for members.

Trade items or runescape ¬†gold according to the maximum amount allowed within both players’ trade limits. If your trade limit is 60,000 and the opposing player’s trade limit is 46,000, you can only trade 46,000.Wait 15 minutes and perform the trade again.Continue this process until u transfer the entire amount of money.

But u need keep in mind that if the opposing player is your friend, your maximum trade limit is multiplied according to the amount of months you have been friends. If you have been friends for one month, your trade limit is multiplied by two, two months it is multiplied by three and three months it is multiplied by four. Being friends raises the maximum trade limit for non-member friends to 40,000 and 240,000 for members.

Another method of transferring money is to use items that are deemed worthless according to “RuneScape” players. Many items are unsellable, such as rune knives, poisonous darts and rune javelins. Using these items to trade money evens out the trade, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to transfer money.