Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide Review

 My experience with gaming guides in the past has just been outright annoying and bad. I have been scammed by companies making claims about its guide. Most of the people wbook21-502x300 Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide Reviewho wrote these “guides” never even stepped foot within the game. In my humble opinion, they are a disgrace to the gaming community, and should never again produce another guide. I could find more information in a Google search then within one of these guides. Some guides just contain old information, which does not serve its purpose very well either. Why would I need a guide that is old? Hence why I never buy physical guides.


Because of this, I was hesitant to buy another guide. I have been scammed before, so why wouldn’t they scam me again? But I had many questions about Guild Wars 2 that I just couldn’t find within Google, and my friends were dumbfounded as well. After posting on various forums, asking around on live streams, I found the Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide.  I saw reviews of the guide, and after looking around at various press releases, I decided to go ahead and purchase it. After using it for some time, I decided to write a review about it.

For any of you this GW2 Domination Guide, then you already know all about it. From my experiences I can say that the guide covers everything in Guild Wars 2. It might have some hiccups where it misses a silver ore vein or two, or small point of interest, but that’s not where the guide really shines. What I found most appealing about this guide is its in-depth builds guide, its descriptive farming routes, crafting recipes, and leveling guide.

The leveling portion of this guide includes a detailed map and instructions on where to go, what do to, and generally how to level the fastest. Obviously the leveling guide is a trademark of the Guides genre, and the GW2 Domination guide presents that almost perfectly. In the early stages of the game, the guide had some hiccups in terms of information, only because it was the early release of the game and things had been patched. The Guide team quickly jumped on these problems though, and they were solved within the day of release.

The Farming routes part of the guide, that fits along with the Crafting guide, are my personal favorite parts of the guide. It fundamentally offers a very easy way to level your profession. It was a great use to me to have a detailed farm route next to me while playing the game, so that I would not have to worry about returning back to the place  I was leveling to collect some copper because my jeweling skill is under-leveled(For Example).

Last in line is the Builds guide, which was very surprising to me. To tell the truth  I was not expecting that much information to be contained within this guide. Their were literally builds for every play-style, and not just one build for that play-style, but many. Play-styles include everything from PvP, WvW, to a more support oriented character, or a more damage oriented character. It’s of course more oriented, because Gw2 eliminates any real need for a support class for example, unless the gamer desires support classes.

My next review point is the customer support. When I first got the guide, I was a bit confused about an aspect within the leveling portion of it. After a while I decided to call customer support, and tell them about it. Customer Support told me that it was a mistake within the guide.  At this point I was still skeptical about the guide (It was the 25th and GW2 was released approximately 15 hours ago). So I asked about their refund policy, and they told me I had 60-days to try out the guide, and if I did not like it I would get a refund. After deciding I should keep trying it out, an update comes with the mistake fixed. I was surprised, and that is when I decided the Guild Wars 2 Domination guide, is, in fact a quality guide with their consumers as the #1 priority.