Get rid of runescape player mods

Look, I’m not trying to insult anyone, but the fact of the matter is: We need to get rid of player mods of all types. No player of this game should hold the power to mute or lock threads over another.
All Runescape Gold players deserve a voice in this game. Why should that voice be silenced by a player “mod”?
These days it is more than likely to see a player abusing his mod power. I myself have been tried to be silenced because people simply didn’t like me.

My request is simple. The result is necessary.

I mainly agree on ridding the in-game ones of existence though… I can’t comment on forum ones because I’ve had a few run ins with them. (Better known as: Biased opinion toward them.)Absolutely fantastic run ins, I always find them to be fun!

Anyhow, I have been wrongly muted by some in-game ones though, on at least one account. I was at the house party world, it was about a few years ago, and I was after a specific party of sorts. I was muted. Upon looking at the evidence, it was because of what I was saying to inform people of my search.

Was it vulgar? No.
Was it offensive? No.
Was it wrong? No.
Was it suggestive? No.
Was it biased/racist/arrogant/ignorant? No.
Am I convinced the Mod was on a power trip? Yes.

The problem with f/pmods is not so much their function but the way they represent themselves. A lot of them (although not all) come off as very condescending and have this general ‘we’re something better’ attitude. This unprofessional behaviour makes it look like they’re doing what they want, while in fact they may very well be within the guidelines set up by Jagex. It’s a mostly self-inflicted image problem.

All mods have to understand that ultimately they are an extension of customer care and they represent Jagex. They serve the community, not the other way round.

Ideally, Jagex staff should take to role of moderating their game. There would be much less abuse (real or perceived) and they would act much more professionally towards their customers. But as we all know, they cost money. And considering how Jagex reduced customer support staff lately, it’s not something that we’re likely to see.