Elementalist Profession Guide



For those who had played in Guild Wars, you know that elementalists are the benders of nature’s forces. They are the ones who melt away your health as they pound away at their foes with sheer power. By controlling the elements of fire, air,Elelogo Elementalist Profession Guide earth, water and arcane they work to control the fields of war. Of course they do not always have to be full out damage dealing monsters, elementalists can vary in combat style since each element is meant for different rolls.

Elementalists make up one of the three scholar professions in Guild wars 2. Being that they are very powerful, their defense consists of only light armor to keep them from being over powered. Of course just like mentioned above, they aren’t restricted to only one aspect of battle. They have an attunement system that allows them to access other elements to play other parts. Unlike other classes, elementalists are unable to switch weapon sets during battle to add diversity, so to make up for that they are capable of flipping between the four accessible elements hot-keyed to the F1, F2, F3 and F4 keys. Each of course has its own purpose.

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