Changes to Server Structure – Upcoming Merges in TERA

Gameforge announced some upcoming changes to the server structure of its action MMO TERA in Europe. Responding to community requests and to ensure that players can enjoy all that TERA has to offer, the company decided to reduce the number of active servers for the game.

tera_change_logo Changes to Server Structure – Upcoming Merges in TERA

Since the game’s launch, the highest priority for the company has been to create a great experience for all players. That is why Gameforge has decided to apply the following changes on Tuesday, the 20th of November 2012. All existing PvP servers, English, German and French will be merged into one, big international PvP server named Killian. Now PvP battles can reach an entirely new level, allowing players to fight against larger groups of challengers and even friends across national boundaries. PvP fans can also expect some international competitions and increased scope for exciting new events.

PvE players will also see new improvements to their service. To ensure that finding a group or a raid can be done as easily and quickly as possible at all times, both English PvE servers will be merged into one unified community. The same will also be the case with both German PvE servers. The existing French PvE server named Elinu will remain unaffected.

Over the coming couple of weeks, TERA’s community team will work their hardest to answer any questions players may have. More detailed information on the upcoming server changes and a helpful FAQ document can be found on the official TERA website.