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FFXIV Suffered Many Glitches Such As A Expansion All But Unplayable

rsmoneysell 7 years ago

The second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood have been launched on June 20th, 2017. Due to the new expansion was unveiled, and the game introduces many changes, new and beautiful areas need to be explored. Nevertheless, owing to an unexpectedly high volume of players, during the Early Access period, the game suffered many glitches, as a result of that, a beautiful expansion all but unplayable.

Final Fantasy XIV

Stormblood added two new classes, Red Mage and Samurai. Most importantly, there are game of thrones references in the story since one of the characters in the Red Mage storyline is named Arya. Additionally, Stormblood brought a unique perspective by exploring occupied countries and attempting to incite a revolution to free those provinces. It is noteworthy that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.

For the new expansion Stormblood, compared to Heavensword Early Access two years prior, it wasn’t anywhere near as problematic as Stormblood Early Access was. This may have been attributed to the North American data center servers being moved to California. The new hardware just wasn’t prepared for the sudden influx of players.

Even if 4.0 is done, the story is far from over. Just like Heavensword, the next two years will be filled with patches that expand the story of Stormblood. In expansions, we faced the ultima weapon and the knights of the round. For Stormblood, we faced the dragon Shinryu, who was summoned at the end of Heavensword. FFXIV4GIL have collected full news and guides for the Stormblood, with maps and screenshots to better help you out, source from FFXIV4GIL.