Add Blitzball To Final Fantasy XIV: How To Make It Happen

Blitzball is coming Final Fantasy XIV, for Blitzball, which is sort of like underwater soccer except players can poison one another, is both a minigame and significant plot point in the PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy X. But question is, director Naoki Yoshida doesn’t know how to make it happen. We remind you that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling for sale.

Final Fantasy XIV

Yoshida told fans that he hoped to add blitzball to Final Fantasy XIV, where it would join other iconic mini-games like Triple Triad (FFVIII) and the Gold Saucer (FFVII). Based on the question, there are two different ideas that have been in the pipeline. For the two idea, that sounds a lot more feasible or interesting.

One of those ideas is implementing Final Fantasy X’s blitzball as a sport you can play directly in Final Fantasy XIV. But, Yoshida added: if looking at it as an element within an MMORPG might not be appropriate. It might not be something that people can come back to and play repeatedly.

The second idea, Yoshida said, would be to allow each player to build his or her own blitzball team. Instead of participating in the sport directly, you’d become the coach or manager of your very own squad, which is something you can also do in Final Fantasy XIV.

Until now, they have been attempted to figure out which way to go. At present, Yoshida said: “We haven’t decided yet, once we do make that decision, we’ll make a formal announcement.” Further information on Final Fantasy XIV, visit here.