Destiny Wished Players Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming, In advance I wish you all a Merry Christmas. discount

But we are still expecting Xur to turn up in a new spot in the tower this week. Destiny’s Xur location on December 26 is going to have a Christmas theme and we are wondering if Bungie has any special plans in store for players. Destiny power leveling make it simpler for you. cryp1 By this we mean some Christmas items when Xur shows up that will be limited exclusives. Imagine if we see Xur’s new items this week include some Christmas gear which will transform the way players look for a few days only. We would love to see it happen, although equally as happy if Xur finally offers the Icebreaker for sale. Last week we had the Patience and Time of course, which was a welcome change from what we’ve seen so far. Most will agree though, that the Icebreaker or the Gjallarhorn are the two weapons which players want to see from Xur, so let’s see if Bungie will offer them as a Christmas surprise by deliberately influencing Xur’s RNG wares.

destiny Remember that Xur will appear at 1am Pacific Time, or 4am Eastern Time in the US. That means for those in the UK, Xur spawn on December 26 will happen at 9am UK on Boxing Day. We hope players enjoy a great Christmas. If you are excited about seeing Xur on Boxing Day, let us know where you think he will be and what you want to sell this week for Christmas.