“Destiny,” A New Version, The New Model

“Destiny” Since the new version is released, concern, a recent new mode also appeared to cause everyone’s attention. We take a look.


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A new multiplayer mode could soon be implemented into Destiny which removes super abilities, the radar, and weapon bonuses. As reported on VG247, a Reddit user picked up a Grimoire card that cites a mode named “Inferno”

According to the post on Reddit, the card describes “Inferno” mode as a “modified variant of multiple Crucible match types” which leaves players to “rely on their weaponry and combat skills alone.”

In addition, enemies will need to be tracked by “sight and sound alone” as well as with the aid of team mates. The card description finishes with, “True skill put to the ultimate test. No trackers. No Supers. No bonuses. Only kills earn points.”

Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion was released this week across all platforms. In addition to the new Raid, the expansion raises the game’s level cap, adds new multiplayer maps, and introduces new weapons and items. The DLC’s featured raid, Crota’s End, was beaten within six hours. Developer Bungie confirmed last week that it would not be introducing Raid matchmaking to the game in the near future, instead focusing on how to add challenging content to other parts of the game.