“Destiny” To “Need for Speed”?


Bungie’s next generation masterpiece “Fate” and we’ve met some days, surely we have been through the first time trial. Played this for friends should know that this is still a lot for the game mode, players can find all kinds of fun in which the game. If you want to quickly improve your level, you can choose us Buy Destiny Power Leveling.

But we always have abstract ideas, Ever since people began proposal, do you want to join vehicle racing mode in “destiny” as well? In the recent interview, Bungie community management Eric Osborne said quite bluntly admit that they are considering the idea.

“We do have considered this idea. We always will consider the development of new content, what can the players caused a sensation, and how we can bring their experience to the players want,” Eric Osborne said, “To be honest project racing mode that we are currently considering, but would not be put in concrete production have to wait and see. ”

“Destiny” was undoubtedly the most famous vehicles similar motorcycle sparrow, and if the players can ride to a sparrow cool racing, presumably this is a very good design.