Easy Guide to Get a Fire Cape on RuneScape

The Fire cape is the reward a player receives after killing level 702 TzTok-Jad within the TzHaar Fight Cave activity. The fire cape will be awarded regardless of whether the player already owns one.Fire capes can be sold to TzHaar-Mej-Jal for 8,000 tokkul. The fire cape may also be traded to Nomad or Zimberfizz (with 100 zeal, 99 slayer and 99 summoning) for a new pet: TzRek-Jad. The cape is lost in the trade.To retrieve a lost fire cape, one must defeat TzTok-Jad again. The cape can be stored in a costume room within a Player-owned house.

RS firecape
runescape firecape


The fire cape is popular among high-levelled players due to it’s high stat bonuses. It is currently one of three capes offering a strength bonus in the game, alongside the Max cape and the Completionist cape. It’s strength and defence bonuses are currently only surpassed by the Completionist cape. The cape is one of the few items with an animation and it is depicted with lava flowing down the back of the cape. The protect value of the cape is 3.5M (3,500,000 coins).

When killing Ice Strykewyrms, players must be wearing the fire cape in order to inflict damage unless the ability of killing them without the cape is bought from a slayer master for 2,000 slayer reward points (requires completing quest Smoking Kills). Note that Ice Strykewyrms may only be slain if they are the player’s current slayer assignment and they cannot be assigned if the player does not own a fire cape (previously mentioned slayer reward must be purchased in order to make assignment possible without owning a fire cape).

Here are some easy tips for u to get a Firecape
1.Go to the Tzhaar cave.This is located in Karmaja inside the volcano. You must be a member to access this feature.
2.Bring food.Sharks if you have a lot of money to spare. If you don’t, Bring monkfish.
3.Get pots and talk to guy at minigame entrance. A combination of super attack, strength and defence is recommended. The minigame is right across from the bank.
4.Get through waves.Try not to use to much food. Use prayer though the place will drain your prayer, so it is a good idea to bring prayer pots.
5.Kill Jad. Kill all of the other creatures first then attack the Jad, it will be much easier. Use protect from magic prayer. When you defeat him, you will be sent to the entrance and given the fire cape and some tokkul. Be sure to kill his healers or he will keep on healing.