How to Transfer Money in RuneScape

If you have more than one player character account on the RuneScape game, it’s possible that one player might accumulate more money than he can use and another needs more. Or you could have a friend in need of money that you can give it to. In any case, you need to find a way to transfer the money. This is not always easy, as the game creator Jagex restricts the amount of money and items that can be outright traded at once.

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1.Log on to the two RuneScape accounts from two different computers. It’s likely you will need someone else to log onto the second account from another location. If you’re using two of your own accounts, make sure your assistant is someone you trust with the second account.

2.Trade the money directly with your second player. There is a limit of 3,000 gp that you can trade at once, and you must wait another 15 minutes to make another trade. If you have a lot of money to transfer, this will take a very long time.

3.Enter the party room in Falador, and place your money into the chest, then pull the lever in the room for it to drop down in balloons that your other character can claim. There is always the possibility that someone else can come in and take it, and if you drop more than 50,000 gp, it will be advertised throughout the world.

4.Head for the Bounty Hunter craters,and have the player needing the money kill the player with the money and pick up the dropped money.There is a risk to this as you have to wait a while to be able to take the money and other players might attack you.

5.Drop trade with the other player.Find an uncrowded location where u can drop the money,with about 25-30 seconds,then have the second player come by and pick it up.

Tips & Warnings
1)Pick a time of day and location in the game world where few people are playing,reducing the chance that someone might steal your money or attack you
2)Jagex is constantly adapting and changing the game rules,especially in regards to how players can trade items and what constitutes as illegal drop trading.Some methods that will work today might not work later.