RS 3 New Skills for Divination

Players owing runescape accounts for sale assumes that this is going to be the first skill, which we know will be gathering-focused in one way or another. Divination actually has a branch that focuses purely on this, which is called dowsing. It is a type of divination employed in order to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials, as well as so-called currents of earth radiation, without using scientific apparatus.


“Most excitingly for me, we revealed the name of the new skill today, and the name of that skill is Divination. So it’s gonna involve the power of the gods, but just how that works? Well, you’ll have to wait and see”, said Mod Mark.

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It might be helpful if you have to uncover things with lore behind them, and they can be used to enhance your performance skill or training combat. I say this because at sometime throughout this year they are supposed to add more to the ‘pocket’ slot which is currently only used by scrimshaws.