Why is it that

Master quests give better rewards than GrandMaster quests?

Branches of Darkmeyer rewards you with level 70 2h melee weapon, lvl 70 duel wields for range, and a lvl 70 staff.


Honestly, jeez, can you not see whats wrong with the picture? It requires level 78 attack and strength, along with 80 magic, to get a subpar weapon outclassed by doing easier quests. Its time to buff Korasi’s sword.

Yes, before EoC it was below the whip in stats, however, you did also say those with spec’s would either get buffed acc. and damage values, or have a passive effect. Plus, it was the greatest strength training weapon in the game. Clearly, you forgot to take those into account.

Now its a piece of **** sitting in my bank because if you do ever buff it, I don’t want to have to pay 500k to get it back (Nice buff there jagex, buff the price while nerfing the weapon). I mean, its not like better weapons (*cough* blisterwood polearm *cough*) can be crafted for free, or even far superior weapons (*cough* Abyssal vine whip *cough*) can be bought for half the goddamn price.

Honestly, please for the love of god make it useful once more. Remember what you said when Runescape EoC came out? On the main article about the release of EoC you even mentioned duel wielding Korasi’s sword with Enhanced Excalibur.

Its sad to see they are both broken weapons with huge and unjust nerfs placed upon them. Please, just give them some love.

Exactly. Korasi’s sword didn’t even have a relevant combat level before EoC. It just required completion of a GM quest with 78 attack, strength, and magic. Now im not saying it needs to count as a lvl 78 weapon (which wouldn’t matter much anyway, since magic has arma bstaff unlimited air casts with lvl 77 accuracy), but when was the last time anyone used it? As soon as you can possibly use it you already can use much stronger and much more accurate weapons…