High alchemy is quite preferred to be cast on dragonhide bodies in RuneScape

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They can be tanned for 20 coins each, and then crafted using a needle and thread.A member can make snakeskins into items of snakeskin armour, as shown on the table below, if they have a needle and thread.Swamp snakes can also be killed during Temple Trekking to obtain snake hide for crafting the armour

After starting The Fremennik Isles quest, members can kill Yaks to obtain Yak-hides and make them into Fremennik armour pieces. The Yak hides need to be cured for 5 coins to become craftable. It is not advised to make bodies for experience because you lose an extra hide in the process.

This members-only part of the crafting skill is extremely similar to normal leather crafting, except that:20 coins are paid to tan one piece of hide.Only vambraces, chaps and bodies can be made.High alchemy is quite preferred to be cast on dragonhide bodies or vambraces rather than chaps, for their difference in coins received.

Obtaining dragonhides is slow but profitable.Buying dragonhides is faster, though price is far higher than the high-alchemy value.Players may attach kebbit claws to any vambraces to make spiky vambraces, giving +2 Strength bonus and 6 Crafting experience.Using a Sacred clay needle halves the cost of crafting.

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