Some things about your farming spreadsheet

Gp/exp is a figure used to show cost of exp. Since cost is the inverse of profit, you might want to do =(-1*profit)/exp.
I’m not sure what you’re talking about here o.O

The survival column. The figures of 90% survival, where’ve you got that from? In practice i’ve experienced lower rates than that. Not to mention a lot of people choose to use farmer payments so  a duplicate spreadsheet for the trees/fruit trees, with 100% survival + the farmers payment cost included would be good.
Pulled it out of my bum :). It was an estimate, I’ve never gotten around to doing the research. It seems roughly correct.
I make sure that herbs are always 6.6 herbs per seed regardless of what i set my survival rate as though.

Another question i’d be interesting to hear the answer of is how would you go about sorting the various columns? Can you sort it in the spreadsheet document, or if not, would you be able to use the cells as a source of data for a google docs database.
Once again, what do you mean by sort. Like shift the columns left and right?