New skills suggestions wanted

Take note that these are just notes that I took as they came to me and I haphazardly threw them all together.

1. Frontiersman/Explorer/Survival

-To begin you talk to {(insert name here)}, a frontiersman who claims he has discovered a ‘new land’ across the eastern sea.

-This ‘new world’ is uncivilized except for a number of small goblin tribes, abundant in natural resources both known and undiscovered, and teeming with ***** life. Just waiting to be explored.

-He then offers you the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’. To enter into the ‘new world’ in his stead. Your job, is to explore this new land and collect any of the undiscovered resources. In this way it is like dungeoneering.

-You then choose the environment you want to explore first; desert, forest, swamp, mountains…etc. He then teleports you to your chosen location where you will receive instruction.

-As this skill has to do with survival you will be doing everything from making a shelter, arming yourself, collecting resources, overcoming obstacles (wildfires, goblin raids, rain..etc)…etc.