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MWZ New Season System Enhancements and Schematics

rsmoneysell 3 weeks ago

Excitement is brewing among gamers as the new MWZ Season is set to launch next week. The latest trailer is particularly story-centric, highlighting Dr. Johnson’s solo venture into a dark ether rift, guided by sinister voices.

New Season Updates

  • Dark Entity Control: The trailer teases a massive reveal about the dark entity controlling Dr. Johnson, hinting at a potential boss fight setup. This entity, possibly a dark version of A.A. Jansen, levitates Dr. Johnson in a dramatic scene reminiscent of the Act 3 Story Mission.
  • Setting and Design: The setting seems to be a dark ether rift that could be on a different planet close to Earth, perhaps even the Moon. This pays homage to iconic “Call of Duty Zombies” settings and suggests a unique twist to the familiar gameplay environment.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: The trailer showcases new gameplay elements, including shooting at crystals to reveal pillars with icons, which might be part of an Easter egg involving Ava’s toys.

Major Additions:

  • Electrified and Fire Disciples: The trailer hints at new enemy types, including an electrified Mangler and a fire version of the disciple, setting the stage for epic boss fights.
  • Schematics: New MWZ Schematics include Dead Wire Detonators, a regenerating Golden Mask Filter, and the Sergeant’s Beret, which tricks soldier AI and recruits a mercenary bodyguard.
  • Warlord at Rahar Island: A new NPC known as the Rain Maker, who uses mortars and RPGs, adds a challenging element to the gameplay.

System Enhancement

  • Stash Enhancement: The update will double the stash slots from 10 to 20.
  • Global Cooldowns: A new tier system for schematics will decrease cooldown times based on the points extracted, enhancing gameplay dynamics.

With substantial updates and intriguing new content, “Modern Warfare Zombies Season 3 Reloaded” promises to revitalize the game with fresh challenges and a captivating storyline. Whether it’s the new schematics, the mysterious setting, or the engaging narrative, there’s a lot to look forward to.