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The Reason to Play Runescape in several Years

10 years ago

As we all know, runescape has been through a long history from old school runescape to runescape 3. And many of you have been accompanied with rs for such a long time. So what keep you playing rs in all those years? Is it the community? Bossing? Skilling? Or do you just love the grind that Runscape is known for? Here are some stories we collected from some players.

runescape screen

Runescape is easy to enjoy but is short-lived
There is a player who had re-acquired membership about three months ago and had the best experience with runescape during that time that he have ever had. During the time, he made more progress on the account than he has ever done in 5 years. He was not maxed by any means but now that he has things that once considered hard to get that he finds the game hard to enjoy.
For some players who don’t have the best level gear may feel as if the grind that you once loved is the thing that is keeping you from enjoying the game. Therefore, it’s hard to enjoy this game as much as you used to as time goes by.

Runescape provides you with a mix of the nostalgia and the general stress relief
There are some players who really appreciated for the things Jagex has done to keep the game moving forward and fresh. You may have never been a hardcore bosser or skiller, but you can always enjoy the little things Runescape has brought you.
Sometimes you may hate the game, but the thing is that Runescape has always been solid for you. It will forever be the game that filled your childhood and it will forever be the game you can play while studying and making a better life for yourself whilst enjoying it a bit.

Runescape community and clans will never let you get bored
Making friends are always the best thing to do in runescape. And it’s also the reason why you don’t get bored in runescape. Find a group of people that you genuinely enjoy playing with and look forward to talking to when you get on. The runescape community is almost always so incredibly helpful and the players are almost always open to helping out a new player. Along with all those friends, you will never get bored in runescape.

What’s your reason for keeping playing runescape? What you like most in runescape? Feel free to discuss that on our Facebook. You will never be alone.