An really old runescape method of get Free Runescape Membership Pins

If this doesn’t work for you ,i think it doesn’t work because your country doesn’t support it

First:Go to a store that sells cellphones and has them on display (they must be real phones, not just display). Apple stores are great for this and I will be using it as an example.

Second:Go to one of the IPhones on display in the apple store and go to messages and create new message. Send the text to 64337 and make the message say HD.

Third:Wait a minute or two and you will get a text back, say yes.

Last:Wait a few minutes and you will get a text with the PIN.
Basically this takes advantage of runescapes text for a PIN service. They bill the cellphone carrier for the membership and the carrier charges the cellphone owner on their bill. The owner of the cellphone is the apple store, so you got it for free!!!!

I hope you can enjoy your Free Runescape Membership Pins moment!