Wise Things to Spend RuneScape Gold On

There are some investments in “RuneScape” that are worth the money, and others that will waste your time and money and never allow you to see any return for the effort. When investing in any “RuneScape” item, you are taking a risk and you could lose some money in the long run, but some items tend to hold their value and even increase with time.

runescape-300x170 Wise Things to Spend RuneScape Gold On
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Every player needs a good weapon, and it is worth the runescape  money to purchase a weapon that meets your particular level and skill requirements. Dragon scimitars and abyssal whips are excellent for fighting with. For those who prefer to collect weapons, God Swords are a wise weapon investment because the pieces are so rarely dropped.

Armor is another solid investment that to take advantage of. The best armors to work and save toward are dragon and Barrows, both of which will protect you from the highest-level creatures. For those who wish to purchase armor for investing, also consider god armor.

Discontinued Items
In “RuneScape Classic,” holiday items were transferable. Modernly, holiday items can never be transferred from player to player. This made the transferable discontinued items that were carried over become very valuable. Among the more valuable items are Santa hats, party hats and Halloween masks.

Rare Items
Whike risky, there are some rare items in “RuneScape”that are worth investing in.Mint cakes were a classic example.They were traded for over 5 million gpld piece each because they were so uncommon,but any beginner could get one.Eventully their prices dropped down to¬† reasonale levels,but some player took advantage of the opportunity before it was too late.