Where option for pre runescape 3

I haven’t logged in for a month and when I logged in today the interface is filled with boxes and squares!! Is there a way I can go back to the pre-RS 3 gold setup? I know some people like the new HTML5 interface and the new styles of customization, but is there also a choice for those of us who prefer the graphics setup prior to RS3?

Seriously, no offence to people who like the new updates, but is there a way people who prefer the old setup can also enjoy the game without having it filled with the new boxy interfaces??

I remember several years ago the previous graphics overhaul allowed you to keep the interface the way it looked.

HTML5 is the change from Java-based engine to HTML5, which is much easier to code than Java and opens up a lot of possibilities for future changes to graphics.

The change in interface is simply called NIS, aka New Interface System.

To change it to the one who have been used to (or something that looks like it) go to settings then interface settings then open edit mode and choose the old school preset.

You should experiment with the interfaces and find a set-up that you like. I personally have been playing RS since 2005 and it has been really hard to follow all these changes. But I experimented a bit with interface system and I really like how you can move everything around and make them how I want to. I’d send you a pic of my setup to give you ideas but we are not allowed to post pictures. Like I said, click on everything to see what it does and move stuff around nope. it’s another like it or quit update, they’re always great for our overpopulated community. But seriously it’s okay once you get use to it. I like it now anyway, I also liked the old one though. But people who like to play in fixed screen must have it pretty tough now.