What to do to get a skill cape in Runescape

A skill cape–also known as a cape of accomplishment–is one of the most coveted items in RuneScape. It can only be purchased and worn by those who have reached the highest level possible in any given skill. When you wear it, you are letting other players know you’re one of the best.

rs-01 What to do to get a skill cape in Runescape
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1.Master a skill. Once you reach level 99 on any skill in RuneScape, you have mastered it and can’t improve at it anymore. Only a character with level 99 in a skill is able to wear a skill cape.

2.Read the message that appears once you reach level 99 in a skill. It will tell you where to go and who to visit to purchase the skill cape associated with your mastered skill.

3.Head to the location of your skill cape master. Talk to him and purchase a skill cape from him for 99,000 coins.

4.Use your skill cape by right clicking on it and choosing “operate.” You will receive a one-point bonus in your mastered skill for a short time while you are operating your skill cape.

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Tips & Warnings
1).Skill capes also come with a special emote, unique to your mastered skill. Look in your emotes on your control panel to find this new emote.

2).If you lose your skill cape, you can always go back to your skill cape master and get another one. You will have to pay the full price of 99,000 coins again though.

3).If you purchase a skill cape when you’re maxed at two skills, you will receive a multi-colored trimmed skill cape that, in addition to giving you bonuses in your two maxed-out skills, will give you a +4 prayer bonus.