Welcome to Sacred Metal and Yellow Nodes Friend chat thread!

FCs’ goal will be to help runescape gold players whose common goal is to get as much sacred metal and divine tears as fast as possible – by calling worlds in which some of the resource spots have turned into sacred metal, or turned yellow (these give triple tears when gathered). Chat may as well be used for any general chatter – as long as it doesn’t violate any Rules of Runescape, of course, and is not annoying.

The main idea is, when someone calls a world in FC, others add the caller and quickhop on them (right click their name in friend list and select ”Join”). This will take you to the called world and you can start gathering from your special nodes.

Types of nodes are:

Metal – these are silver-gray, give sacred metal.
Yellow – these are, strangely, yellow, and give triple tears. They also don’t count towards your daily limit of tears!
Orange – These damage you and can’t be gathered, DON’T report them.

Acronyms used in the FC:

m – Sacred Metal – the called world has sacred metal nodes.
y – Yellow Nodes – the called world has yellow nodes.
c – Confirmed – said next to world # and node type when someone hops to a called world. Helps if some people missed the original call due to hopping or FC moving too quickly. Try not to overspam with this! 3-4 confirms per world is more than enough.
d – Dead – said next to world # and sometimes node type when nodes turn to normal green in this world. Everyone but the caller must leave to an unscouted world!
i – Instanced – said next to world # and means that the hopper ended up in a new instance where called nodes are unavailable. No point trying to hop to that world, since you’ll likely end up instanced too.

Backup FC usage

At peak times when FC is full, we’ll be using a backup FC. Worlds will be split between FCs, and using worlds what don’t belong to the FC you are in WON’T BE TOLERATED. Ranked members of the FC will remind from time to time which worlds are allowed. If backup FC is not needed, all worlds belong to the main FC. When backup FC is active, worlds are split the following way:
Main FC – worlds 1-62
Backup FC – worlds 63-139

Rules of the FC:

0) Most important – keep your online status on for everyone – it’s a diamond-shaped button in top right corner of the chatbox, it must be yellow (you can turn receiving PMs to friends only to avoid unneeded spam) – this way if you call a world people can start hopping on your world ASAP.
1) Don’t ask if there is any special spawns currently when you enter. It only stays for a minute or 2, and we call it multiple times while they’re spawned.
2) Try to find a world to scout no one else is using, to let us cover as much worlds as possible.
3) Keep to the world range of the FC you are in if backup FC is active. Violators will be kicked mercilessly, after a warning.
4) If you get a special spawn in your world, call it specifying the type of node and the world you are in, like “w99 M” or “w77 Y”. Also add if it’s an F2P world (for yellow it means drastic gathering rate reduction), or a world which requires a certain total level to use.
5) After special nodes are depleted, go back to your world. Try to choose a world you will use constantly, for that use a world a lot of your friends hang out in so you can hop back quickly.