Wardrobe improvements

On the “Menu Bar” under “Gear / Wardrobe” I’ve noticed some rather nice improvements. i.e. MORE full outfits (dervish, eastern, tribal, samba, etc.). Outfits that before RS 3 Gold, I had destroyed in order to make more bank space.

Anyways, I got to thinking (uh-oh), it would be nice to see Achievement Capes, holiday items (i.e. Phats, Santa Hat/costume, Christmas Tree hat, etc.) and other outfits like the Frog Prince/Princess, Mime, Lederhosen, and others added to this “Full Outfit” section.

They would have to be FULL outfits (all the pieces) or special rare items (like a Phat or Santa Hat) in order to be added. I would also say, make this a P2P member feature ONLY also.

So… Fellow RS players, what do you think?