This MMOPRG plot background often coincide


See the great advantages of network novel product,the Internet novel combination of online games is increasing. Hundred travel soon to buy the popular network, “the beast of blood boiling”, to today view “beast of blood boiling” is not a particularly good gaming products, publicity in the major game sites is nearly stagnant to runescape gold. A hundred travel is not an R & D and operational strength is very strong company, “beast of blood boiling” the level of quality and it’s achievements have been achieved even more than 100 tour is expected. Might say that the successful precedent of the network novel and high adaptation costs now, it seems that for the network fiction writers have also pointed out that a broad road.In terms of fantasy, comprehension class Internet novel, the majority of the novel’s protagonist go are leveling Daguai equipment, then Shasha enemy bubble girl, to rein in the various forces like the story line. This MMOPRG plot background often coincide, plus several successful precedent. Yubiusk_teleport This MMOPRG plot background often coincide  Online adaptation, seems to be another one on the Internet novel of the broad road before. So many Internet novel of the idea of ??his own novels before, began to build the complex skills plus point system to this advance preparation can make work easier from online vendors adaptation of the olive branch.

However, although the network novel seems to be becoming a new trend for manufacturers of packaging products. The runescape gold game is an emphasis on sustainable consumption products, the initial publicity advantage is important, but more important is the quality of the game itself. As for the game in the end is Zhu Xian background or mortal Cultivation pass the background is not particularly important. The online gaming industry and the Internet novel industry compared to the size differences between the industry becomes more apparent – China’s online game industry, launched a year the number of gaming products and network novel novel products compared, the latter number is far higher to the former. The Internet novel development in China for more than ten years, embarked on the road of online adaptation of the work only ten.

However, the technology of the Internet novel every year tens of thousands. The Internet novel industry today, to become the annual salary of over 100,000 contract writer competition has intensified, but to become the author of the novel can be adapted online games, is the summit of the pyramid competition. Although the harvest adaptation works exceptionally rich reward favored number and network text cardinality than one, it is a small despicably small ratio.Therefore, of the factors conducive to adaptation in the article deliberately not say that do not work hard, their efforts, however, the overwhelming majority of Qiao the flirtatious do to a blind man see – well-intentioned, but doomed not return. For manufacturers, they want the novel’s popularity and influence in the audience, as well as the naming rights of the original characters, props. Bear the brunt of the works of popularity and influence. The numerical difference between the number of outputs of the volume of output of the network novels and game products, destined to a buyer’s market is extremely strong buyer. Game manufacturers phase adaptation is certainly gratifying, but as their own creative goals this point, that the dream is full, the reality is very skinny.