The world wakes runescape bug

I try to do the puzzle with the bouler. but when use the active panel i cant click on anything anymore. when i close the puzzle window. my left button is also not working anymore. it start working again when i use esc button to go back to lobby. then i log in again and i got the same problem.

*tried on the site and de download version of runescape gold.
* tried to restart my laptop
*tried on a friends laptop.
* tried logging out and in again.
*tried even one button gameplay
and got always the same problem.

can somebody help me?

Im also quite frustrated right now. i also got this problem when i change bound items in dungeoneering. but there is a quick solution for. just go to lobby and back and i got the new gear. and i can go on.Hi there, I am having the same problem. Once I activate the control panel for the puzzle, I can’t do anything; and when I close that interface, I can’t click on anything, I have to log off with the Esc key.
I am also reminded of a similar problem in dungeoneering after changing bound setups. I’ve been having that problem for a while now… but there are work-arounds for that…
here there seems to be none…