The weak must die to make room for the strong

1) Who is Zamorak?
Lord Zamorak is the god of chaos, power, and destruction. He is not necessarily the evil and malevolent being Saradominists depict him as. Lord Zamorak is not a protector, an oppressor, or a controlling runescape gold by any means. Instead, He is a great teacher, guide, and fatherly figure whose chaos and destruction will help Gielinor grow stronger, healthier, happier.

2) Chaos? Destruction? Yikes! Why would we want that?!
Too much order is stifling, oppressive, and suffocating. It leaves no room for growth, independent thought, or just plain old fun. Only through chaos can we grow, learn, and become better, stronger people. This is because chaos provides conflict, challenges, and hurdles to overcome. Lord Zamorak gives us these challenges because we will either overcome them and grow stronger, or if we are too weak, die to feed and make room for the strong.
…which leads us to the need for destruction. Without destruction, nothing can grow or thrive. You cannot grow crops without first raking the weeds. If kebbits are left unchecked, they will eat everything, overpopulate, stagnate, and die of starvation and pestilence.

3) But…the weak must die to make room for the strong? That’s totally not fair!
Sure it’s fair. Lord Zamorak shows us that strength and power comes to those who take it. It’s within everybody’s grasp. You just have to want it badly enough to fight for it.
Furthermore, it’s nature’s way. And it’s a lot more fair than Saradomin’s order suffocating our lives and sucking the fun out of everything.

4)Saradomin is so much better! Zamorak will just destroy Lumbridge and Gielinor!
Saradomin’s order would poison us all and make us weak, unable to stand up for ourselves. His coddling would destroy us and force us to be reliant on him. By contrast, Lord Zamorak offers us freedom. The world will bend to our will. Lord Zamorak will rake weeds, and we will plant the seeds of new life, to create a stronger and more beautiful Gielinor.

Oh, and for the record, it was actually Saradominists who caused the destruction of the old Wizard’s Tower.

So, that’s why I support Lord Zamorak on and off the battlefield. I hope to see you there under His glorious red banner.

Saradomin leads by more then 15 million tears of power. And each day continues to increase that lead of power. The war is lost for Zamorak and us Zamorakians. The only thing we can do now is just try and gather as much power as possible so our lord won’t be totally annihilated, but even this hope is beginning to fade.

This war was lost before it was even started and Jagex knew about it before starting the war. Which they did on purpose because they are on Saradomins side.